Is outdated technology holding you back? With BraveGen, your employees gain the insights they need to make better decisions and create new growth opportunities.

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Rethink what Sustainability can be.

BraveGen’s unified platform makes sustainability engaging, insightful, and strategic to the whole business.

The role of the Sustainability Manager / Controller is changing in ways that mirror those of the broader sustainability function. The increased involvement in strategic support is raising the Sustainability Manager / Controller’s profile introducing concerns around how sustainability initiatives will support demand to meet a wider set of expectations. This is in addition to an already complex sustainability function fueled by changing regulations, budget and resource constraints and plans for corporate expansion.

BraveGen™ delivers improved business results while optimizing sustainability processes. BraveGen™ provides the functionality your organization needs to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and get more done by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. This is achieved by automating and streamlining sustainability operations around data collection, analysis, reporting and communications.

Ready for Change

Give your managers the ability to quickly take action and respond to change.

Contextual Insights

Make better decisions based on real-time business insights.

Intuitive and Delightful

Engage your people with an intuitive and delightful experience on any device.

One Version

Use one version of a single system across your entire organization.

The Custodian

Focus on governance, ensure compliance and controls are in place, and stay compliant with regulatory changes across the world with automatic upgrades and built-in capabilities.

The Book-keeper

Ensure clarity and audit-ability of sustainability operations, from data collection, analysis, reporting and communications. Streamline and automate these day-to-day processes eliminating slow, error-prone manual processes.

The Business Partner

Organize so that you can operate at a strategic level by enabling self-service; spend more time working through and advising on the financial and control implications of delivering the sustainability strategy.

The Commentator

Tell the business story of your sustainability initiatives in numbers using KPI’s, custom reports and real-time data and information that helps management make better decisions.

Improve Sustainability and Carbon Reporting

A single version of the truth across the entire organization offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit and reporting requirements.

Optimize Processes and Data Collection

Transform inefficient manual and paper-based processes into streamlined workflows with end-to-end support for data collection through to corporate and global approval.

Enhanced Year End Close

Accelerate year end close of your carbon accounting and sustainability initiatives by up to 50 percent with automated communications and notifications, innovative single page views of all necessary information, intuitive approval processes and quicker assurance reviews.

Support Multinational, Multi-Subsidiary, Facility and Asset Level Operations

Global businesses manage multiple subsidiaries with BraveGen while subsidiaries can manage their operations at a corporate, facility or even asset level.

Leverage the Most Sophisticated Cloud-Based Sustainability Management System. Increase Your Teams Efficiency and Accuracy by Automating and Streamlining Their Processes

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