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Our clients are
0,000,000kg of CO2-e closer to Net Zero and spending
$0,000,000 less on utility costs.

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Auckland Council Energy Efficiency
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Climate action starts here.

Dive into carbon accounting and utility management with our systems, designed to measure emissions, streamline utility use, and make a real impact on the planet – all while boosting your bottom line.

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Market-leading technology

Command the future of sustainability with our AI-driven software. Join the ranks of over 150 businesses using BraveGen and enjoy unrivalled precision and insight.

Actionable intelligence

Harness the full potential of your environmental data. Make the complex simple, turn metrics into actionable intelligence, and navigate regulatory landscapes with unmatched ease.

Scalable solutions

As your business ambitions grow, ensure your carbon accounting prowess grows with you. Demand scalability, insist on flexibility, and never compromise on accuracy with BraveGen.

“Using BraveGen has been a positively transformational experience. We have achieved significant time and cost savings and significantly reduced the risk of data errors. This has enabled us to devote more time and resourced to managing our environmental initiatives.”

Rosemary Bissett

Head of Governance and Risk, National Australia Group

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Real results for your sustainability strategy.

Whether you’re starting your path towards a greener future or enhancing your ongoing sustainability initiatives, our software suit offers practical, results-oriented support across a range of arenas to make a quantifiable difference for your business and our planet.

BraveGen CSR.

Collect, calculate, analyse and act on your Scope 1,2, and 3 emissions with our carbon accounting solution.

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BraveGen Utility.

Cutting edge and AI-powered energy emissions management software.

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BraveGen View.

Live sustainability dashboards designed for in-situ updates for staff, customers and visitors.

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You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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