Property & Facility Managers.

Portfolio performance through data-driven insights.

Improve your management choices and get better results. Our utility monitoring software can help you manage risks and attract top tenants.

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Our clients are
0,000,000kg of CO2-e closer to Net Zero and spending
$0,000,000 less on utility costs.

Trusted by outstanding businesses.

Auckland Council Energy Efficiency
Impact-heavy, resource-light.

Cost-effective building performance.

Property managers face the dual challenge of meeting rising administrative demands and enhancing building efficiency, alongside catering to occupant needs.

Achieve sustained performance improvement with demonstrable ROI, using our budget-friendly suite of software that demand minimal resources.

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“The monitoring and analysis by BraveGen has allowed us to understand the usage profile in our major properties and with variance alerts provided, we can investigate any use outside normal parameters – in essence what can be measured can be managed”

Peter Young

Manager Corporate Property and Facilities, Auckland Council

Reduce operating costs.

Our platform offers comprehensive cost analysis for your building’s operations, providing up-to-the-minute data across diverse asset types and metering systems. Harness this intelligence to cut operational costs, enhance building efficiency, and identify strategies for better asset maintenance.

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Attract quality tenants

Top-tier tenants, especially government bodies and large corporates, are on the lookout for buildings that match their sustainability objectives. Showcase your building’s commitment to reducing utility and carbon costs with accurate, audit-ready data.

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Manage asset risks

Effective risk management is crucial for property and facility managers. Simplify your role with our leading software, designed to pinpoint and pre-empt risks before they escalate into serious issues.

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Increase property value

Enhance your building’s attractiveness to investors by obtaining globally respected building accreditations. Support your application with comprehensive carbon and utility data, making your property a more enticing investment option.

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You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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