Energy efficiency software.

BraveGen Utility.

Actively reduce utilities with our dynamic reporting, cutting-edge analytics, and smart, AI-driven fault detection. Take control and make a difference.

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Our clients are
0,000,000kg of CO2-e closer to Net Zero and spending
$0,000,000 less on utility costs.

Trusted by outstanding businesses.

Auckland Council Energy Efficiency
A single source of truth.

Centralise your utility management.

Unify electricity, water and gas on a single platform to uncover emission and cost saving opportunities.

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Total utility control

Track and analyse utility use at every level – from individual ICPs to entire buildings.

Built for people.

BraveGen Utility speaks your language with intuitive dashboards, complete with detailed technical insights.

Intelligent alerts.

Stop problems before they start with 24/7 alerts and monitoring, powered by our specialist predictive AI engine.

Integrated project management.

Reduce your utility use effectively with built-in project tracking, impact assessements and target reductions.


Streamlined utility reporting.

BraveGen Utility offers a unified, intuitive platform tailored for businesses prioritising operational excellence. Simplify your utility management while gaining deep insights.

Smart utility insights.

Uncover long-term patterns, compare performance across different loads, and delve deep to discover fresh opportunities and substantiate strategic decisions.

Predictive intelligence.

Utilise our AI-driven system to receive accurate alerts, allowing you to concentrate on genuine concerns rather than distractions.

Broad spectrum of data sources.

Enhance your data landscape with the addition of new smart meters and IoT sensors for thorough and extensive data collection.

Tailored data organisation.

Efficiently categorise data for varied system perspectives, and fortify data security by assigning specific user permissions to each group.

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Want to know more?

Want to know more?

Get in touch for a no obligation discussion

Expert support.

Enjoy guidance from our award-winning energy efficiency experts. They’re on standby to assist you with onboarding, tailored reporting, project management, and data integration.

Total transparency.

Experience unmatched clarity and auditability in your reporting and utility analysis, backed by rigorous data validation and process tracking.

Trustworthy reporting.

Trusted by industry leaders such as ASB, Auckland Council, and Chorus, our software meets the demands of intricate reporting requirements.

Expert support.

Our award-winning energy efficiency consultants are ready to support you with onboarding, custom reporting, project management and data connection.

Total transparency.

Data validation and process tracking ensures total transparency and auditability throughout your reporting and utility analysis.

Trustworthy reporting.

Our software has been chosen by industry giants like ASB, Auckland Council & Chorus for their complex reporting needs.