17 Goals. 169 Targets. 15 years.

The United Nations SDGs are an ambitious set of goals to transform our world. The goals aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. For more information on the individual goals, visit the UN Sustainable Development Goals page.

Reporting on the SDGs is voluntary at this stage, but companies are already beginning to their progress against the goals in their annual sustainability reporting as a best practice to show their commitment to sustainability.

How does BraveGen support these initiatives for our customers?

The Sustainability Initiatives Manager allows a client to conclusively track the savings achieved through their sustainability initiatives and indicate to which GRI indicators and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they relate. A minimum and maximum expected return on investment for each initiative can be specified, as well as the actual return once it has been established. In order to quickly and easily validate the success of the initiative, BraveGen will automatically estimate the time to realise the return on investment for each one.

Managing sustainability goals in BraveGen is about two things: the money and the people.

The money: Every individual goal is managed as a business case and requires a sponsor, a budget and a clearly defined return on investment.
The people: Teams communicate through BraveGen ensuring that their knowledge and experiences are captured in the system and therefore retained within the organization.

Each goal is presented as a single page business case that can be exported to PDF for review and budget approval.
BraveGen automates the collecting and updating of goal data and the dissemination of progress information to stakeholders. Automatic alerts of deviations from expectations ensure that stray goals receive the necessary and timely attention thus increasing overall success rates.

A single page management view across all goals shows an organisation wide year-to-date ROI of their sustainability journey at any time.

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