10 ways an individual can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

It’s no secret that our planet is under huge pressure and that Environment and Sustainability are important subjects to be discussed when it comes to ensuring our future life on earth. In 2015, the Heads of State and Government met at United Nations Headquarters to discuss these topics and determine the agenda of how to [...]

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UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – what do they mean for you?

17 Goals. 169 Targets. 15 years. The United Nations SDGs are an ambitious set of goals to transform our world. The goals aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. For more information on the individual goals, visit the UN Sustainable Development Goals page. Reporting on [...]

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CSR and Social Innovators Forum, Singapore

We're thrilled to be a gold partner at this event and hope to see many of you in Singapore, September 1st-2nd. Under the overarching theme of Co-creating the Future Economy through Sustainability and Innovation, the forum will provide participants with inroads on how the new norm will affect the way we engage our stakeholders. The [...]

Press Release – New partnership speeds up life cycle analysis at an enterprise scale

Interactive product life cycle analysis (LCA) is now possible on an enterprise scale thanks to a new partnership between BraveGenTM and CoClear. BraveGenTM, the award winning enterprise sustainability software, announced it will be collaborating with CoClear, a New York based consultancy, to make product LCA faster, cheaper and scalable for multinational consumer brands. Currently, LCA [...]

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Identifying the Role of A Chief Sustainability Officer

Does having a senior executive in charge of sustainability automatically make those companies green? Figuring out whether executives with this title are actually involved in driving change may be a tricky task, especially when major corporate disasters such as 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse, had executives with such [...]

New Method for Carbon Accounting Proposed

It may be surprising to know that in some instances countries are rewarded for policies that increase global emissions and punished for policies that contribute to reducing them. A solution has been presented for the problem. An extremely useful study at Lund University has been proposed which suggests accounting for carbon emissions which enables policy [...]

Dow Jones Picks Them Off

The 2014 Dow Jones annual review of sustainability-indices places Asian-Pacific companies top in nine of its twenty-four industry groupings. Winners include Japan’s Kao Corporation (household product manufacture), India’s Wipro Limited (software) and Australia’s Westpac (bank). Dow Jones demoted a number of 2013 stars, including Nike (sports goods), Starbucks (coffee) and McDonald’s (fast food). Australia Bank, [...]

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Is Life Cycle Carbon Accounting a Better Option

Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Irvine recommend assessing powerstations in terms of lifetime carbon. They argue that approval of future projects should depend on lifecycle costs, and not just annual emissions. They note a general lack of insight into commitment accounting among the general public. They go on to point out that [...]

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