WineWorks have set a goal of improving sustainability, however to improve operational performance and reduce scope 2 emissions the team need to gain timely visibility of electricity, LPG and water consumption at their Malborough plant.


ESP completed a Type 2 energy audit and installed targeted electricity metering supported by EECA funding. The analysis identified a range of efficiency opportunities including lighting, compresed air, nitrogen and after hours usage. Detailed monitoring identified how production usage and other factors impacted energy use, allowing accurate businesses cases to be developed. 


A clear plan of improvement was established to deliver initial savings. In the first 12 months lighting was replaced and a preventative maintenance plan to regularly check and fix air leaks was put in place. Monitoring has also provided the information needed to demonstrate to staff the benefits of improved shutdown procedures and the ability to continuously monitor impact. In the first year savings of 5% were achieved with a further 15% to 20% planned in the near future with upgrades to the nitrogen system and air compressors. The site is also looking forward to the new dashboard, with energy efficiency featuring more strongly in manager and team leader objectives…sustainability integrated into business performance!