Award winning enterprise software for company wide and global sustainability reporting.

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Sustainability Features

Carbon Accounting

Manage historic, current and forecasted data including energy, waste, water, fugitive emissions and more at global, subsidiary, facility and asset level.

CSR Reporting

Manage your responses to multiple CSR frameworks at the same time including the GRI, Dow Jones SI, CDP, UN GC and more. Reuse your responses across multiple frameworks with a single click.

Track Initiatives

Track the financial impacts of all your sustainability initiatives and manage them as a business case. Link them to relevant GRI indicators and UN SDGs

Corporate Community Investment

Track your corporate community investments from donations and voluntary activity to management fees and beyond. Save time submitting information to providers like LBG (London Benchmarking Group) and others.

Supplier Data Connect

Our easy to use software easily integrates with supplier data files and systems and automates data collection tasks.

Internal and external reporting

Dashboard and reporting for real-time trends, KPIs and metrics and reporting of critical information ensure everyone is up to date – at every facility, business unit and company-wide.

Sustainability project management software
Enterprise carbon accounting software

BraveGen accurately diagnoses one of the biggest pain points in sustainability reporting and provides a viable, innovative solution…

Judge, Environmental Leader Awards

How does BraveGen help you meet your sustainability reporting responsibilities?

Improve Reporting

A single version of the truth across the entire organisation offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit and reporting requirements.

Provide Evidence

Show evidence of robust systems, documented processes, responsibilities and workflows and easy access to the original data files.

Ensure Due Diligence

Protect against the loss of your corporate knowledge. Define data quarantine and approval workflows and capture both data and commentary in your processes.

Improve Accuracy

Deal only with the suppliers data files, no manual intervention. Ensure all data is captured and complete with automated checking and data collection processes.

Enhance Compliance

Focus on governance, ensure compliance and controls are in place, and stay compliant with regulatory and voluntary reporting across your operations with automatic upgrades and built-in capabilities.

Streamline Processes

Eliminate slow, error-prone manual processes and transform them into streamlined workflows with end-to-end support for data collection through to corporate and global approval.

BraveGen is ready for you.

Finance Leader

With BraveGen, you can drive efficiency, ensure compliance, make better decisions based on real-time insights, and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system.

BraveGen: Measure financial impacts of your compliance requirements

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Sustainability Leader

BraveGen helps you build great teams, engage your global workforce, discover opportunities for growth, and become a strategic partner to your organization with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

Why switch to BraveGen sustainability data management and reporting

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IT Leader

Lead your organization’s digital transformation with BraveGen — a system that adapts to business changes while maintaining the utmost security and privacy protections without costly and disruptive upgrades.

Cloud software: Easier and with a lower cost of ownership

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