Providing management and benchmarking tools for industries and organisations to identify their supply chain relationships, analyse their duties and risk and to develop and execute assurance plans.

Forest Industry Safety Council
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BraveGen provides a turn-key, end-to-end process for your organisation.

With BraveGen’s flexible and modular set of cloud and mobile software tools and our array of supporting services you can deliver your ideal programme to your supply chain, members or contractors.

  • Solutions technology – Cloud based, mobile app, real-time business intelligence and benchmarking, geo-coding, cyber secure, user-friendly evidence collation (photo, video, audio and text), customisable modular architecture
  • Support services – Customer care, tailored administration, project management, auditor / assessor recruitment & appraisal

  • Advisory & research – Consultancy, data analysis, industry research
  • Programme performance – Account reviews, feedback & appraisal, continuous improvement

  • Additional member benefits – Personalised website, shared knowledge library, forum & message boards, best practice alerts, safety data sheet register, training / webinars

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Provide your members with valuable and relevant insights

The Safetree Certified Contractor Register generated by the BraveGen system

Public and private member registers

Provide your members with an independent confirmation of their compliance status with a private or publicly accessible register of compliant members.

Registers can be searchable by keyword, location and category of work.

Member listings include the company’s contact details, compliance status, date and unique code.

Registers can be embedded on your own website or on secure intranets and extranets.

The Safetree Certified Contractor Register is automatically generated by the BraveGen system and is embedded on the Safetree website and fits cleanly with their strong branding.

BraveGen is your strategic partner.

Programme Director

BraveGen helps you build great teams, engage your membership, discover opportunities for growth, and become a strategic partner to your members and trading partners with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

Programme Manager

With BraveGen, you can drive efficiency, ensure compliance, make better decisions based on real-time insights, and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system.