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Health & Safety Features

Accident and Incident Management

Analyse, track, manage and report on incident-related data including accidents and near misses involving employees, the community and the environment.

Investigations & Corrective Actions

Group-based investigations can involve supervisors, employee witnesses and outside experts. Store evidence online, ensure tasks are done and corrective actions are put in place.

Safety and Job Hazard Analysis

Ensure worker safety by defining job hazards. Reduce hazards through specific tasks, related safety data sheets and associated training requirements.

Management Reports 

Point and click management-style reporting packages for month or year end (or a custom time period) can be generated in seconds and exported to PDF to send to your management team before meetings.

Internal and external reporting

Dashboard and reporting for real-time trends, KPIs and metrics and reporting of critical information ensure everyone is up to date – at every facility, business unit and company-wide.

Risk Management

Ability to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor risks to enable proactive risk management. Aggregate risk data across multiple departments, facilities, processes and methodologies to help executives prioritize and effectively manage risk.

Labour Management

Interface with HR systems and manage worker types, job classes, contractors and temporary workers. Automated skills matrix and analysis and TXT reminders for health and training appointments

Contractor Management

Manage contractors including inductions, site check in and out, credentialing and insurance, permits to work and automated reminders and expiry notifications.

Certifications, licenses and training

Manage the renewal of certifications, licenses and training requirements. Automated reminders ensure your workforce are always compliant and up to date.

Health Monitoring

Assess and eliminate worker risk and exposure at the workplace in accordance with regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Automatic reminders ensure tests are scheduled and attended on time.

Hazardous Substances and Safety Data Sheets

Manage your hazardous substances inventory and thresholds by location. Manage your safety data sheet library with expiry reminders and smartphone access to your library.

Compliance Calendar / Notification & Alerts

Keep on top of critical dates. Manage notifications and alerts via email, SMS and automated voice calls with escalations and logging of all communications.

Give your workers the user experience they deserve.

BraveGen makes it easy for your team to find information, perform their tasks, and share results. On any device they have easy-to-use incident logging and review and instant access to information like safety data sheets, chemical inventory, and your online resource library.

Scan a QR code on a wall or asset to instantly see information on your device such as emergency contact details and procedures, PPE or chemical inventory, previous incidents / accidents or general awareness information.

Whilst in the office, you have instant access to the safety talks your teams recorded on site on the supervisors device.

Alter how much information needs to be entered based on the type and severity of the incident. Encourage near miss reporting by only requiring 4 or 5 boxes to be filled in. But for more severe incidents you can require a comprehensive report to be entered.

With everything in one system that works across all your devices, you gain complete visibility into your whole team.

Inspire your people with an intuitive and familiar experience on any device.

Give managers the ability to quickly take action and respond to change.

Use one version of a single system across your entire organization.

Make better business decisions based on contextual insight.

Engaging, insightful, and strategic to the entire business.

Health and safety dashboard

How does BraveGen help you meet your health and safety responsibilities?

Improve Reporting

A single version of the truth across the entire organisation offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit and reporting requirements.

Provide Evidence

Show evidence of systems, processes, responsibilities and training to prove that business leaders have actively promoted health and safety

Ensure Due Diligence

Maintain up-to-date knowledge of health and safety matters, ensure robust processes and notifications to key managers.

Be Engaged

Ensure all staff are fully trained in their health and safety responsibilities and that a two-way engagement has occurred.

Enhance Compliance

Focus on governance, ensure compliance and controls are in place, and stay compliant with regulatory changes across your operations with automatic upgrades and built-in capabilities.

Streamline Processes

Eliminate slow, error-prone manual processes and transform them into streamlined workflows with end-to-end support for data collection through to corporate and global approval.

BraveGen is ready for you.

Finance Leader

With BraveGen, you can drive efficiency, ensure compliance, make better decisions based on real-time insights, and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system.

BraveGen: Measure financial impacts of your compliance requirements

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Health & Safety Manager

BraveGen helps you build great teams, engage your workforce, discover opportunities for growth, and become a strategic partner to your organization with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

Why switch to BraveGen health & safety software

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IT Leader

Lead your organization’s digital transformation with BraveGen — a system that adapts to business changes while maintaining the utmost security and privacy protections without costly and disruptive upgrades.

Cloud software: Easier and with a lower cost of ownership

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