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Instant access to safety data sheets and your hazardous substance inventory.

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Hazardous Substances Management

BraveGen makes hazardous substance management simple and has been designed with the end user in mind. The user-friendly interface makes managing, updating and accessing your chemical inventory, safety data sheets and your PPE inventory very easy. It also leverages the technology built into your devices.

People are busy, their hands are full, and often safety data sheets (SDS or MSDS) are stored on network drives that are near on impossible to access within the 10-minute period required by law.

Now you can find a safety data sheet, chemical inventory and the required personal protective equipment (PPE) by just speaking in to your smartphone or scanning a QR code on a cabinet, machine or entrance.

Your safety data sheets are automatically monitored to ensure they are up to date and many are already available in the BraveGen SDS library.

Stay up to date with changing legislation as BraveGen guides you through the new requirements.

Hazardous substances view page
Hazardous substances view page

BraveGen is ready for you.

Finance Leader

With BraveGen, you can drive efficiency, ensure compliance, make better decisions based on real-time insights, and keep up with business and regulatory changes from a single system.

BraveGen: Measure financial impacts of your compliance requirements

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Health & Safety Manager

BraveGen helps you build great teams, engage your workforce, discover opportunities for growth, and become a strategic partner to your organization with an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

Why switch to BraveGen health & safety software

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IT Leader

Lead your organization’s digital transformation with BraveGen — a system that adapts to business changes while maintaining the utmost security and privacy protections without costly and disruptive upgrades.

Cloud software: Easier and with a lower cost of ownership

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