Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management

Manage every aspect of your Greenhouse Gas Inventory in BraveGen. From energy account details and asset identifiers to scope assignments and emission factors to all your documents, notes and interactions with staff and suppliers.

Track Everything

Track your resources, business travel, waste, water, energy use and generation, your carbon assets and your product, project, supply chain and fugitive emissions.

Legacy Data

Legacy data can be entered for as far back as you have data available. Combine it seamlessly with your current data for consistent reporting.

Emission Factor Management

Manage all your emission factors, their effective dates, where they came from and who approved their use.

Data Copy Tools

Save hours of time with data copy tools. Quickly generate data like default values for activity data, automatically create transmission and distribution values when adding electricity, distributed gas and water usage. Generate monthly statistics like floor space, distance traveled, FTE, revenue based on defaults you set.

Management Screens

Manage many aspects of your inventory across all your facilities through convenient management screens. Use filtering, sorting, grouping and exporting functionality to quickly locate and update your data.


Find and communicate easily with all you internal and supplier contacts. Search for notes, comments and uploaded documents by person.