Corporate Knowledge is a Corporate Asset

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Your corporate knowledge is a precious commodity and should be treated as such. Its supply is abundant, but the ability to capture and use it is scarce. How will you replace the tacit or tribal knowledge of those key, job-critical employees when you have employee turnover?

It’s not even when you have employee turnover that makes this problem critical. The inability to proactively capture, retain and make actionable the constantly evolving knowledge within an organization creates a critical problem with enormous negative consequences, which result in lower productivity, corporate security, efficiency, revenue and market value.

Ease of access. Everything in one place.

To be useful, your knowledge needs to be accessible by everyone in your company. As well as one main library, every individual item has its own context specific library – users, assets, sites, permits, plans and much more. View automated history trails, store notes, comments, documents and images specific to the item you are viewing.

Access this information in many different ways:

  • Using the BraveGen website.
  • Using the BraveGen Mobile App you can make a subset of your library available even when no data connection is available.
  • Using the BraveGen Self Service Kiosk you can make site specific libraries available to your contractors and suppliers

Ease of authoring

Capturing corporate knowledge needs to be easy and convenient for your workers. As well as doing this using the BraveGen Mobile App or the Self Service Kiosk you can provide a convenient universal email address for workers to email articles, documents and other artifacts directly in to the BraveGen system. A curator can then sift, sort and notify people of the information.

Ease of distribution

Any item in the library can be attached to a memo and distributed to one or more stakeholder groups with accompanying comments from the sender. The memo can contain the item or simply link to it so that users must be authenticated to read it. An audit trail is kept of all actions, including who sent the memo, who received it and who has read it.

Ease of collaboration

Each item in the library can be commented on by other people and any modifications can be versioned.

Ease of searching

Search your knowledge-base by author, item type, keyword and date. Filter, sort, group and export your information.

Analysing your knowledge

As more information is captured in video, photos and audio recordings it is now necessary to be able to analyse this information and create a searchable store of meta data. Knowing that certain words were spoken and what people, locations and assets appeared builds an indispensable wealth of knowledge. that can be linked to every other kind of artifact in BraveGen, from permits to incidents, people to places.

BraveGen corporate knowledge
BraveGen corporate knowledge
Safety data sheet view in BraveGen

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