Easy and intuitive, centralised contract management software.

Your contract management system needs to be future-proof and continuously adapt, just like your processes. Hard-to-find contracts mean missed contractual obligations and deadlines.

Centralised compliance nationwide
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Keeping it simple.

BraveGen is easy and intuitive to use, quick to set up and simple to customize. This means users will be up and running fast, allowing you to quickly take control of your contracts and see the benefits of better contract management.

Store and manage contracts of all types, monitor and track interactions and cycle times and maximise visibility between departments throughout the enterprise, reducing risk and exposure.

Manage the full contract life-cycle process (See below) from contract creation, to approval, signing and renewal/termination.

With built-in analytics and robust functionality, you can manage and track key initiatives and improvements across your organisation.

Your staff get visibility into contract practices, contractual incidents and streamlined reporting processes.

Contract managers are able to ensure compliance and manage all contracts with ease to make better contract and vendor decisions.

And with BraveGen’s breadth of award winning solutions, you can unify safety, environmental and supply chain compliance management in one single system.

Key Features

Manage all kinds of contracts

Manage all your contracts in a single place. Track compliance status by project, site, type of contract or whole company. Manage the whole contract life-cycle.

People and Vendor Management

Interface your contract management system with your HR and vendor management systems to ensure contractual compliance.

Compliance Alerts/ Notification Calendar

Manage alerts and notifications regarding reporting deadlines, deviations, lapsing, expiry dates and non-compliance events and corrective actions.

Contract Incident Management

Record incidents related to contractual non-compliance and include the legal team to assist in remediation processes.

Investigations & Corrective Actions

Group-based investigations can involve all departments and external advisors. Store evidence online, ensure corrective actions are put in place and track completion.

Internal and external reporting

Dashboard and reporting for real-time trends, KPIs and metrics and reporting of critical information ensure everyone is up to date – at every facility, business unit and company-wide.

Contract Life-cycle Management

BraveGen gives you a central contract life-cycle management system in a single, evolving platform.


Capture new and existing contracts in to a single, searchable, repository of all your contracts


Track all your contractual obligations, actions and key dates centrally and automatically


Author contracts centrally and accelerate the new contract creation process with contract templates and clause libraries


Contract creation empowers staff with self service wizard based tools for templates and clauses that have been pre-approved by legal


Approve risky contracts and ensure they are reviewed and approved by the right people


Negotiation tools include audit checklists, marking up contracts and highlighting differences from previous versions


Signing the finalised contract by all parties and storing the signed copies.


Analyse contracts for potential risks, rights, obligations and for potentially unexpected scenarios. “Fingertip access” to contract terms and data allows people to react quickly to new scenarios and deal with time-sensitive risks.

Business Cases


Centralised contract risk management, 40% reduction in administration costs and a faster contract cycle.

Contract Manager

Visibility of key customer commitments, single view of all contracts, automated notification of key actions and dates.

Supply Chain Manager

Quickly see pricing discounts, rebates and agreements, track performance of suppliers, compare all contracts to enable initiatives.

Engaging, insightful, and strategic to the entire business.

Inspire your people with an intuitive and familiar experience on any device.

Give managers the ability to quickly take action and respond to change.

Use one version of a single system across your entire organization.

Make better business decisions based on contextual insight.