A single source of your chemical and hazardous substance inventory and documentation.

Give your workforce easy access to your documentation
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Online and offline smartphone access to safety data sheets
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Chemical and Hazardous Substances Inventory Management

BraveGen makes managing your chemical and hazardous substances inventory information easy. The user-friendly interface makes managing, updating and accessing your information easy disposal compliance requirements easy. It also leverages the technology built into your devices.

Track expiry of inventory

Chemical inventory should always be rotated appropriately to reduce the likelihood of chemical deterioration, which can pose additional hazards. Track the age of stock and audit reminders using Smart Forms.

Never over stock

Overstocking can drive up storage and auditing costs as well as compound hazards. Track your inventory levels in BraveGen and ensure the appropriate measurements are taken in relation to container sizes and accessibility.

Instant inventory information on any device

Scan a QR code with your mobile or tablet for immediate access to inventory information, staff and supplier contact details, emergency information and material safety data sheets. Inventory QR codes are generated in the BraveGen system and can be printed or applied to weatherproof labels.

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