Introducing BraveGen Utility

We’re excited to announce the release of BraveGen Utility, next generation software designed to revolutionise utility data management and achieve your sustainability goals.  

With BraveGen Utility, utility data management can be simplified across your entire portfolio, unlocking efficiencies, and enabling you to focus on successfully executing your sustainability initiatives. 

Key features.

  • Automated data ingestion: Drastically reduce the time taken to collate, process and approve utility data. Includes supplier invoices and smart meter connections, to provide a comprehensive view of your utility usage.  
  • AI-powered insights: Stop putting out fires with our AI-powered notifications, which adapt to your unique energy profile and alerts facilities managers of abnormal utility usage and identify reduction opportunities. 
  • Single view of data: Consolidate utility data from multiple systems into one platform, making it easier to analyse and plan reduction strategies, as well as uncover billing errors. Highly flexible hierarchies provide a unified view that suit your needs, helping you better identify improvement opportunities. 
  • Benchmarking and decision-making: Benchmark performance across your portfolio to make informed decisions and identify opportunities for emissions, energy, and cost reductions. Go beyond doing climate admin – take a climate action! 
  • Audit-ready reporting: Get the data you need for strict reporting requirements like XRB, GRI, GRESB, and NGERS, as well as generate insights around emissions and performance for stakeholders, tenants, or green finance providers. 

How it works.

BraveGen Utility empowers businesses to integrate sustainability into their operations by providing a single platform for utility and emission data management. Trusted by major property portfolios, including ASB, Air NZ, and the University of Auckland, BraveGen has helped customers save over $100m and avoid 74m kg CO2-e to date. 

  1. Connect data sources: Add your utility data to the system either through automated invoice ingestion from suppliers and/or from your existing utility meters.  
  2. Review and analyse: Review utility cost and emission data across your portfolio in easy-to-understand dashboards to identify gaps and outliers for further investigation. 
  3. Receive alerts: Get AI-powered alerts on abnormal utility usage for further investigation without the need to go digging into the data yourself. 
  4. Report and plan: Use BraveGen insights to create reports for specific stakeholders. Set utility targets and budgets and generate a clear path to Net Zero. 
  5. Continuous improvement: Partner with our expert consultants to optimise your utility and emission reduction initiatives and achieve Net Zero faster. 

How Bayleys uses BraveGen Utility.

Bayleys, one of the largest commercial property managers in New Zealand, has successfully leveraged BraveGen Utility to centralise utility data across their entire portfolio. By benchmarking each site, Bayleys provides actionable recommendations to building owners, leading to significant cost savings and improved building ratings.

Through BraveGen, Bayleys has reduced tenant energy costs by more than $3M and were put on track to achieve a 5.5 star Green Star rating through continuous utility usage analysis and improvement projects.

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