Improved EUI now available in BraveGen Utility

New features now available!

BraveGen Utility users can now enjoy the addition of improved EUI calculation features, adding another layer of insight to your utility use dashboard.

What are the improved EUI calculations?

Previously, energy and water use metrics in BraveGen Utility were expressed in their raw form. Now, when users visit their building performance page, they will find they have access to energy use intensity (EUI) or water use intensity (WUI), in addition to raw views.

EUI/WUI expresses a building’s total energy or water consumed by the building in one year, divided by net lettable area or gross floor area of the building. Presented as rolling 12-month averages, these new calculations present users with a smoother and more informative view of consumption trends over time.

NOTE: this feature doesn’t require a full 12 months of data; it’s automatically calculated from what’s available.

Coming soon: Portfolio Manager View, an upcoming feature for all BraveGen software, will allow you to apply these EUI calculations (and much more) to entire building portfolios. Watch this space!

What do NLA, GFA, and rolling averages allow you to do?

Knowing and tracking EUI helps improve building design, performance, and continued operations over a building’s lifetime. It’s a critical step on the path to Net Zero and Net Positive energy performance for buildings

With these latest additions, you now have far more insight into your building portfolio’s utility use, allowing you to effectively and easily pinpoint the buildings that are performing well and those that are opportunities for efficiency gains.

  • Build a benchmark. Build an average energy & water benchmark per square meter across your entire portfolio, then compare them against international averages. Focus on those buildings with the highest EUI and take specific steps to mitigate energy shortfalls and improve efficiency, resulting in a higher net operating income.
  • Spread best practices. Identify the buildings which perform best and surface the operational best practises (and investments) for implementation across your portfolio.
  • Reduce costs. With the benchmarks enabled by the new EUI calculations, you can reveal crucial energy use data, pinpointing areas of potential efficiency improvement and cost savings, helping you remain competitive and take specific action to increase the longevity of building systems.
  • Track performance and ROI. Combine these new features with existing BraveGen Utility insights to better calculate how much impact on cost and emissions that your latest efficiency projects have made. Meanwhile, keep ahead of your next building performance rating, using EUI calculations as a proxy for checking if ratings will improve at your next audit.
  • Make data-driven decisions for future investment. Use present and past patterns of building utility use to estimate impact of future investments, using up-to-date calculations to right-size new equipment and make smarter decisions.

How to access the improved EUI calculations

BraveGen Utility users can start using these new features right now. Simply add GFA and/or NLA data to each building’s profile settings, and the software will take it from there.

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