An easy to use mobile app with online, offline and automatic sync capabilities

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Online and offline smartphone access
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Mobile simplicity.

The BraveGen Mobile app lets you do what you need to, when you need to.

Features include

  • log incidents including near misses, serious injury, environmental, lost time, property damage and more
  • include voice recordings, photos, video and GPS coordinates
  • automatic sync with the server if you have been working offline
  • “Sign in” and “Sign out” at a site letting your team know where you are
  • access site specific information like emergency details, contacts, chemical and equipment inventory and general notes
  • submit compliance information for consents, permits and audits
  • perform audits using our comprehensive Smart Forms that you can build yourself or that others have designed

Work even when you don’t have a data connection

All this, even when you don’t have a data connection available on your smart phone.

Once the app detects an internet connection again it automatically uploads your work to the server. Nothing to remember, no buttons to click.

Making technology simple and intuitive is what we pride ourselves on.

BraveGen is fully mobilised and available from smart phones or tablets, offering everything from reports to monitoring workflows. Keep in touch and stay informed no matter your physical location.

Our mobile app immediately alerts you to changes and hazards, ensuring effective safety and compliance practices are maintained throughout your workforce.

Consent dashboard
Tasks can be completed on your smartphone with or without an internet connection and then synced later

Mobile Business Intelligence

As soon as you create a report or dashboard, it’s enabled on your favourite mobile device – no extra steps or development. Simply swipe to browse dashboards and reports, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom. Find out more about Business Intelligence with BraveGen.

Proactive Alerts and Exception Reporting

BraveGen proactively alerts users on their tablet or smartphone when they are required to take action or simply be made aware that something has occurred that affects them. Alerts can be sent via email, text, API, web hooks or via the BraveGen mobile app.

Offline Connectivity

Workers are able to view task and site data and documentation, complete an action form, take photos and attach them to notes and tasks, record toolbox talks and more, all while they have no data connectivity. Once they reach an area which has coverage, the information will automatically update. No need to remember the details when you’re not at site anymore, no need to remember to press an upload button for the information to update and above all, less double handling.

QR code, Bar Code and RFID scanning

Label a location, piece of equipment or container. BraveGen uses your device to scan these tags and display in seconds everything about that item. Scan a QR or bar code on a wall or piece of equipment and the user is made aware of the hazards, emergency contact details and PPE requirements for that specific item or environment.

Voice commands

Speak commands to your device and BraveGen instantly responds. Saying “SDS Acetone” would bring up the safety data sheet for Acetone. “Near miss. Power tool guard fell off” opens the near miss incident form and enters Power tool guard fell off as the description. Simply speak to BraveGen and the necessary information is presented on screen in seconds.

Give your workers the user experience they deserve.

BraveGen makes it easy for your team to find information, perform their tasks, and share results. The BraveGen mobile app has a growing range of tools from incident reporting to recording toolbox talks to consent and site plan compliance monitoring.

With tools that work even when there is no data connection, your workers get the tools and convenience they need and you gain complete visibility into your whole team – all from an easy‐to‐use system built for the way people work today.

Engaging, insightful, and strategic to the entire business.

Inspire your people with an intuitive and familiar experience on any device.

Give managers the ability to quickly take action and respond to change.

Use one version of a single system across your entire organization.

Make better business decisions based on contextual insight.