We’ve changed our name.

From FoundationFootprint to BraveGen

Brave Generation

Environmental Leader Awards

The BraveGen name reflects today’s society and the unique challenges we face.

Companies embarking on organisational transformation, necessary for today’s changing landscape, rarely have the necessary resources required for the undertaking. Poor software and systems introduce frustration and risk in to the process which reduces the chance of successful outcomes.

At BraveGen every aspect of our software is designed to improve the effectiveness of the people that use it. From the design of each web page and smart phone screen to the whole process that it serves, on and off-line.

BraveGen is the catalyst for the Brave Generation of individuals who want to spearhead the transformation of our society.

  • …makes life easier for those who are charged with getting these behavior changes to happen inside an organization
  • …BraveGen promises a less labor-intensive, likely more cost-effective, and significantly quicker way to get to the starting gate where actual progress can begin to be measured
  • …I like that it’s compatible with the systems of most of the major sustainability reporting/evaluation organizations

…Judges comments

BraveGen awards

About the change

Only our trading name has changed, not our legal name which is still Rev-ID International Ltd. Nor has ownership of the company changed in any way. It was simply time to make our identity more succinct and appropriate to our company values and goals.

FoundationFootprint was often spelled as two separate words and it was a bit of mouthful. It would sometimes be difficult to find on the internet, being made of two commonly used words. With BraveGen none of that is an issue.

We hope this doesn’t cause confusion for our existing customers and associates. Feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions.

The BraveGen Team