Project Description


“Tegel’s corporate knowledge, compliance data and processes are retained in a single, easy to use system. BraveGen reduces our compliance risk and gives me peace of mind.”

Company at a Glance

Name: Tegel Foods Ltd

Industry: Food

Locations: New Zealand

Applications replaced: Excel, PDF, inhouse systems

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Tegel Foods Limited (Tegel) is multi-national food company and one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of chicken products. It employs over 2300 staff at over 180 sites in New Zealand. As an agriculture business, Tegel is required to have many diff erent consents from land use to groundwater take for their broilers, hatcheries and dozens of farms. Considerable risks are involved with the monitoring and maintenance of consents, ranging from fines to a plant closure.


Although holding many consents, Tegel had no insights into the particulars of those consents. The maintenance process was largely paper based, with consents acquired but not stored or monitored in any one location.

As a result, Tegel had almost no idea how many consents they had or at what state those consents were in. This posed a huge regulatory risk to their business.

  • Tegel needed a better way to manage all their consents and get on top of their environmental compliance needs.
  • They wanted to know what their risk profile was related to compliance.
  • And they needed a system to allow all their own staff and third parties to have easy access to consents and easily submit regular compliance data.


BraveGen worked with Tegel to identify some key questions that they needed to be answered quickly, including:

  • How many consents do we have and what kind are they?
  • How many and which consents are expiring?
  • Who are the consent holders? Within 6 weeks, Tegel could answer these questions and then some.

Tegel made use of summary dashboards to see an overview of their consent situation and plan their compliance actions far in advance. By including cost estimates Tegel could leverage the Financial Impact report to budget for this activity for the next 12 months.

  1. All the consents are geo-coded, so Tegel can see all of their existing consents by region and by site. These maps are filterable and a street view is available as well
  2. The responsive application can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
  3. Viewing compliance tasks and submitting compliance data is available through any smart form even when no network is available. Data is automatically sync-ed with BraveGen once the network is available again.
  4. Instead of being bombarded with emails, consent and action managers get sent one email every week outlining instructions for the actions of the week. Notifications of any mid week updates are sent to the users phone.
  5. BraveGen was designed for minimal training of users. For every item in BraveGen, there is a unique email address. Simply send to that email address any pertinent information, commentary, notes, action items, or updates and this will be lodged against the item automatically.