Project Description

Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) was established in 2002 as a not-for-profit to provide advice and support to help business succeed by becoming more sustainable.

The organisation supports its members year-round with networking opportunities, practical tools, training and sustainability assessments.

Company at a Glance

Name: Sustainable Business Network

Industry: Business Services

Locations: New Zealand

Applications replaced: Excel, email

Sustainability info: SBN

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They needed a system to host and maintain their GSC assessment framework and allow their members to do self or assisted assessments online.

They needed a system that would produce a comprehensive PDF report for each participant containing their results and anonymous benchmarking data.

Furthermore, SBN needed a system that would automatically produce trends and scoreboards for each annual GSC and would allow them to manage their client relationships, provide program guidance and market further services to them.


SBN began using the Assessment and Benchmarking Module in BraveGen to assess its hundreds of members each year in their Get Sustainable Challenge program. They loaded the assessment into the system which contains over one hundred questions and 13 KPIs split in to 10 sections. Each question contains guidance for the participants to assist them through the assessment. Each year these questions and guidance are updated using online tools in BraveGen.

Participants can either self-assess or be assisted by a member of the SBN team through the assessment process. Assessments are graded on a per question and per section basis as well as a grand total score. Participants can have their assessments reviewed by SBN who can provide feedback and guidance that is contained within the report.

Participants can download a comprehensive PDF version of their own assessment. The PDF contains

  • a branded cover sheet,
  • branded page headers and footers,
  • post assessment feedback and guidance provided by the assessor,
  • benchmarks of its overall performance against all other participants and participants in their industry sector, size and
  • regions.
  • benchmarks of its performance section by section against all other participants and participants in their industry sector, size and regions,
  • the questions, guidance and answers of their assessment,
  • a year on year comparison per question and section if they have performed the assessment over more than one year,
  • a back cover with sponsor messages and branding.