Project Description

The NZSI’s goal is to raise the profile of New Zealand businesses globally by encouraging them to report on their sustainability performance both domestically and internationally.

Company at a Glance

Name: New Zealand Sustainability Index

Industry: Professional Services

Locations: New Zealand

Applications replaced: Excel, email


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The NZSI provides a sustainability assessment and reporting framework designed specifically for New Zealand’s unique situation whilst being compatible with global standards.


NZSI assesses participants at each step of the process and benchmarks them anonymously against hundreds of other companies based on their company size, sector and region.

Results of individual assessments must be provided to the participant both online and as a PDF report and include the guidance and benchmarking results.

A real time summary of particpants progress must be available on the NZSI website and personalised analysis reports are provided to each participant at the end of their reporting cycle.

The NZSI assessment is compatible with the GRI and CDP frameworks and encourages participants to report to these organisations as well. This is done by automating the process of converting their NZSI assessment into a GRI and CDP compatible report.


NZSI uses the Assessments and Benchmarking module in BraveGen to manage assessments. The results are automatically compiled and each participant is benchmarked anonymously against others based on numerous categories.

Each participant can log in and review their assessment online and download it as a PDF.

Optionally, they can use the Report Mapping Manager to convert their assessment to a GRI, CDP or a number of other types of report at the click of a button.

The assessments include guidance, assurers statements, benchmarks and KPIs to assist the business in improving their sustainability performance over the coming year.

NZSI also uses the BraveGen business intelligence dashboards to further analyse data and provide its participants and media with additional trends on a national basis.