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“They needed photo and verbal evidence that equipment maintenance checks were being done”

” BraveGen is the best system out there” – Rob Wooster, Health & Safety Manager, Moutere Logging

Company at a Glance

Name: Moutere Logging

Industry: Forestry

Locations: New Zealand

Applications replaced: Paper based system

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The Challenge:

The team at Moutere Logging wanted to replace their paper based system with a more reliable solution.

They needed a system to allow their crews to easily access forms and documents, ensure data gets back to the office and have a clear and accountable task list.

Key Requirements:

  • Must be easy to use so crews will adopt “mobile” technology
  • They needed a solution that worked even when there was no internet connection
  • They needed photo and verbal evidence that equipment maintenance checks were being done
  • Replace all paper forms including daily timesheets that would link to their existing system for paying wages
  • Centralised task management to ensure follow up and completion
  • Include 15 years of historic incidents, safety data, plans, polices, safety data sheets and other files
  • A solution roadmap that would support their future needs

BraveGen Benefits

  • Company wide data is consolidated
  • New features are integrated with existing systems
  • Existing processes are enhanced with “smart forms”
  • Reports are clearer and meet compliance requirements
  • Company policies and safety data sheets instantly accessible
  • Ongoing support and training in person and virtually


Moutere selected BraveGen as their system of choice after reviewing four other providers.

  1. Moutere bought 15 “tough” Samsung tablets for each crew, their trainers and other key people. The BraveGen “App” was downloaded from the Google Play Store
  2. We gradually replaced their paper forms starting with timesheets and falling plans. All forms can now be completed on tablets and phones and include photos and voice recordings
  3. Timesheets are done on tablets and office staff receive all crew timesheets within seconds
  4. People’s tasks are available on their phone and computer and include a map view for planning logistics. On Sunday night, a personalised email is sent showing each persons tasks by day for the next 7 days.
  5. 15 years of historic incidents, hazards and other data was put in to BraveGen including all their safety data sheets, policies and other files, many of which were automatically available on worker tablets
  6. Moutere are also using BraveGen for training plans and competency tracking and are considering other BraveGen modules including Contractor Management and ISO 14001


Moutere needed to ensure adoption of the technology by their crews. The BraveGen team attended Moutere’s monthly company safety meetings in Brightwater to continue training and gather feedback and ideas for improvements. Constant feedback is always available through the BraveGen “App” as well.

BraveGen introduced Moutere to “virtual meetings” that could be done using their tablets. These “virtual meetings” assist in ongoing support and training needs as well as internal meetings for Moutere saving considerable time and money.