Mobile phone screensWhat is the biggest problem workers at a remote, isolated or secure site face? They are unable to access the internet on their mobile device. This makes it difficult for them to look up current information, update records, check safety hazards or produce site reports while they are actually on site.

Here’s how the scenario often goes. The worker goes to a site to assess compliance conditions or to carry out a task to make a site compliant. Problem #1 strikes – they can’t access the details of the task as there’s no internet connectivity. They can mostly remember what they need to do, so do their best, and scribble a few notes on a piece of paper as a memory jogger for when they get back to the office. This leads to Problem #2 –┬áincorrectly completed tasks and incomplete information recorded.

With BraveGen™, the story is significantly different. The worker has access to the information needed whether they have cell phone coverage or not. They are able to view the task and site data, complete the action form, take photos which relate to the site to attach to the task and do all this while they have no signal or connectivity. Once they reach an area which has coverage, the information will automatically update. No need to remember the details when you’re not at site anymore, no need to remember to press an upload button for the information to update and above all, less double handling.

Reduce the chance of errors occurring, and make full use of the automation tools available with BraveGen™. Making Environmental Compliance easier since 2008.

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