2020 has been an interesting year. We feel quite privileged here in New Zealand to have escaped the worst of COVID-19 disruptions. Although, as I write this we are back in a mini-lockdown in Auckland.

While shifting to work from home, we’ve continued product improvements and piloting a new service with some partners earlier this year (more on that in another update). We are grossly overdue to update the BraveGen community on what is coming next.

Our focus through the end of the year …

We recently sat down as a team to discuss and revise our road map for the next 6-12 months. Our priority items relate to Carbon and Sustainability as well as Health and Safety.

Carbon and Sustainability: We are currently in the midst of a large project to completely refresh the interface for our carbon and sustainability solution. This work actually started late last year as we interviewed existing customers to gather feedback and feature requests. Components of this work have already been released to existing customers, starting with a revamped business intelligence solution powered by Amazon QuickSight. We don’t expect new customers to be launched on the new interface until next year.

Health & Safety: These days health and safety is on everyone’s mind and we are certainly no exception. We have our eyes on improving incidents and hazards, along with a number of small UI improvements. The general principle will be to start first with smaller items that can be delivered quickly, then move to pieces of work that will require more substantial scoping and engineering work. Keep an eye on this space as we plan to announce improvements on our blog and website as they become available.

… unless things change

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to be flexible. I expect we will be fitting in lots of other improvements around the edges, but the items above are our intended focus areas through the rest of the year. We will update this blog if there are any significant changes to our focus areas.

As always we love your feedback. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any ideas for product improvements or feature extensions.

Until then…..

Stay safe

Be kind

The BraveGen Team